Humble and Hands-On

Capo started out more than 30 years ago as a family tradition and personal passion for construction. Since then, the company has grown organically alongside our commercial and industrial clients, positioning Capo as an experienced, yet personable building partner. Today, we’re a family-based team of nearly 50 construction professionals and skilled tradespeople with a deep understanding of development.


A Tradition of Self-Performing Success

One of the greatest strengths of our team is that we’ve been together for a long time. We have little turnover because we take care of our own, enabling a culture that promotes the passing of knowledge from one generation to the next.


True To Who We Are

We’re a team that thrives on getting our hands dirty. For us, there’s a real pride in doing the work ourselves because that means we uphold our own high standards. With Capo as your specialized self-performing contractor, you’ll have more assurance on quality, delivery, and budget.


Relationship Focused

You don’t get successful in any business without forming close relationships along the way. Capo has had the privilege of working with some of the best developers in Western Canada. And, they continue to work with us because of our honest approach—the framework to our success.


Keeping Sites Safe

In every aspect of construction, safety is key. Proper procedures, that are regularly tested, protect the well-being of those on-site and uphold credibility as a responsible construction partner. At Capo, we emphasize safety. And, to make sure that safety remains at the forefront of our minds, we regularly test on-site safety procedures and provide training to our team members.


Our Partners

We’ve earned the trust and respect of Vancouver’s largest developers because of our honest, hardworking approach, attention to detail, and deep understanding of commercial construction.

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    At our core is a close-knit team that care about quality. Get to know who we are and how we’ve become a trusted building partner over more than 30 years.